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BONUS EPISODE How to Fail: Dr Alex George

May 12, 2021

TW: discussions about suicide

For Mental Health Awareness Week, we have a very special bonus episode with Dr Alex George. A former Love Island contestant who after exiting the villa, returned to his job as an A&E doctor. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, he’s been hard at work on the frontline. Behind the scenes, he has had to cope with devastating personal tragedy - his younger brother, Llyr, died by suicide in July 2020. Alex’s openness about his own mental health has been a comfort for many, and in February he was appointed the UK’s Youth Mental Health Ambassador.  This week marks the publication of his first book, Live Well Every Day.

Alex joins me to talk openly about everything he’s been through - from failing to get the grades for med school to getting sunburned on Love Island. We talk about mental health, resilience, fear, depression, introversion - and why he loves bath bombs. We also talk about his brother’s death at the age of 19, the guilt Alex feels at not having known Llyr was struggling and the lifelong pain his absence has left behind. Thank you Alex, for all that you do and for trusting me with your story.


This special episode is sponsored by Jo Malone London 


If you've been affected by any of the issues discussed, Samaritans are here to help. Call them for free on 116 123 or email


Alex's book Live Well Every Day is out now and available to order here.


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